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Why Take This Course?

He's Waiting is a signature relationship E-Course designed for women. The five-step process outlined in the He’s Waiting signature course will take you from where you are now- frustrated, disappointed, waiting for the right one, confused, wondering if true love exists- and position you for the committed relationship that leads to the altar. 

In this course, You will receive:

*Course Access Link
*Course Syllabus


*Course Study Notes
*Certificate of Completion

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The Fragrance Of A Woman

Learn what fragrant you are-is it delightful, considered a repellent, or a mixture of both?


The Pursuit

There is an ongoing pursuit in finding love and happiness, but many soon discover that the process can be strenuous. Find out if you are ready to withstand the process because the pursuit must continue even after the wedding day. 


Where He Leads I Will Follow

The word submission has a bad reputation but submission is the most powerful and impactful tool leading to equality, fairness, and trust in a healthy relationship.

Find out if you are really ready for the next level of commitment in this module. 


The Midnight Hour

This module teaches you how to master the lonely season without giving in to temptation and desperation. This section will defiantly stretch you!


Preferred Choice

In the module, it’s all about being selected. The details given in this section are a win-win! upon finishing this module, you will have a clearer understanding of identifying when you are in the presence of the one who has chosen you. 

Course Fee: $175.00

*Payment must be made at the time of enrollment in order to receive the access code to the course!